Scientists: This Is What Happens to Your Cancer Risk When Exposed to Wi-Fi

Nowadays, there is no more a chaos of cables, but almost everything is connected with wireless technology.

For example, you can remotely turn on and off the TV, coffee machine or even monitor babies by some wireless devices. Along the many benefits, people are exposed to numerous dangerous effects of the electromagnetic radiation every single day.

Have you ever wondered is the Wi-Fi device safe?

This is rather a controversial issue because there are two extreme options concerning the Wi-Fi connection. One side claims that it is utterly safe and they favor the idea of “smart” house where everything runs on Wi-Fi while the other side would like to build a Faraday Cage around them only to protect themselves.

The real truth lies in between these two sides.

Comprehend the Consequences of Wi-Fi

Wi-Fi can’t cause some immediate diseases and that’s why people usually ignore its effects. Wi-Fi can definitely interfere with the bodily functions and by time progress into some serious disease such as cancer or other types as a result of a longer exposure.

However, these are some serious diseases that grow over time and it can’t be defined for sure whether the exposure to wireless signal directly resulted in that disease.

ccording to the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC), the wireless radiation is a class-2B possible carcinogen because of its limited evidence.

Several studies tend to show that the electromagnetic radiation is not safe for people’s lives.

The Lancet article outlines the IARC statement that studies who follow people who use cell phones and Wi-Fi are not conclusive. On the other side, the rodent studies which follow animals have found that Wi-Fi radiation can’t cause cancer nor make the situation worse. These studies also analyzed additional changes in the animals’ brains which are exposed to radiation.

Although limited evidence in humans, but why do the regulators claim it is safe? For example, an anecdotal evidence from Canada, where the families experience headaches and brain fogs in the children and state that the wireless radiation is unhealthy. It is always better to be wrong, but be cautious about your health.

It is of crucial importance to protect small children and fetuses because they are more vulnerable to the negative effects of radiation than adults. So, there are many products that tend to protect the fetuses from wireless radiation, such as belly armor blanker or belly-shielding band.

5 Ways to Reduce Wi-Fi Exposure

First of all, reduce your use as much as you can because of the long-term negative effects. Those who are in favor of the Wi-Fi use would probably state that even smoking is harmful but people use it.

Although you can’t completely eliminate the effects of wireless radiation, but there are some options who you can reduce it a bit:

1. Turn Off the Wi-Fi Before You Go to Bed (Good).

The Wi-Fi signal may interfere with the brain while you are sleeping so it is much better to turn it off to promote better quality of sleep. In this way, you will provide your body a better sleep and you will cut down your exposure by 33%. Turn the internet when you are not using your phone as well as.

Many routers offer some options where you can automatically shut off the Wi-Fi and turn it on at the same time each day.

2. Turn on Wi-Fi Router Only When You Use It (Better).

In this way, you will reduce your exposure to Wi-Fi only to few hours a day and still be connected.

3. Remove the Wireless and Hardwire All Your Connections (Best).

No Wi-Fi option in your home is the best option for your overall health. In this way, you will prevent several health conditions. Also, in this way you will have a faster internet because it is directly hardwired.

For this purpose, you will need these tools:.

Ethernet hub— if there are not enough ports for every device on the one you use, plug it into one hub and you will expand the number of free ports.

Long Ethernet cables— they will enable everyone to connect from everywhere in your home.

Ethernet adaptors— these adaptors will enable the devices that have no Ethernet ports to connect such as smartphones, tablets and some computers.

Also, wired peripherals are much better options than wireless ones such as mice, keyboards, headphones because in that way you will reduce your exposure to electromagnetic radiation.

It that seems a little bit complicated, ask someone for help.

4. Hold Up on Adding gadgets or Upgrading to Smart Homes, Cars and Offices.

The new wireless technology is on sale every single day. So, devices like Bluetooth-controlled cookers, smart home thermostats, smart beds, wireless baby monitoring system and many others although make the life easier but are not that safe as we think.

For this reason, it is much better to use less of these new devices because no one fully understands the long-term health consequences.

5. Turn Devices on Airplane Mode.
When turned on, the cell phones and tablets emit electromagnetic radiation. Because they are used too close to your body for longer time, the levels of exposure are really high.

So, when these devices are in close contact with children it is preferable to be on airplane mode.

Three Ways to Reduce the Negative Effects of Wi-Fi Exposure.

You are not able to eliminate completely the exposure to wireless radiation, especially if you live in some urban area. Along the methods for reducing Wi-Fi exposures, there are some methods for reducing the harmful effects of Wi-Fi signals, such as:.

1. Use a Dirty Electricity Filter to Lower the Electromagnetic Frequency.

This occurs when the electronic devices manipulate the electric currents in the needed voltage and format which the devices need. This provokes electrical surges in the wiring system.

So, Wi-Fi routers, electronic devices, computer and phone chargers are producers of dirty electricity, a significant source of harmful electromagnetic frequencies.

To reduce this effect, you should install the dirty electricity filter throughout your home and environment.

2. Earthing.

These wireless devices also emit positive ions, unhealthy particles that obstruct the waves in our brains, cells and body. The earthing will equalize the positive ions from your bodies with the negative ions from the earth, thus reducing the harmful effects of the electromagnetic frequency.

You can earth if you stand on the ground with bare feet for 20 minutes every day. Also, you can use grounding shoes with a metal piece or some bed sheets that will connect you with the ground port or your electric devices.

3. Add Negative Ions.

The everyday exposure to wireless radiation can buildup positive ions and thus trigger inflammation in your body. So, if you are exposed to Wi-Fi on a regular basis, it is important to increase the amount of negative ions in order to do a neutralization.

There are plenty of them near some moving water, such as rivers, streams or many others.

Another powerful source of positive ions is a Himalayan salt lamp or an ion generator. They will boost the amount of negative ions and reduce the effects of exposure to wireless radiation.


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