Pour Listerine to A Cotton Ball and Then Rub Your Armpits. After A Few Minutes, An Amazing Thing Will Happen!

Listerine can actually be used in many alternative ways.

Read about these amazing ideas that will surely make life easier! Although they might seem strange, they are really very effective!

Why Listerine?

Listerine contains many useful substances, such as thyme, eucalyptus, and alcohol. In fact, it is no wonder that this product can be used in so many creative ways! Look at all that this way you can use Listerine:

Rub It On Your Pits

Do you ever go out deodorant at a bad time? Listerine is great for fighting odor whenever you are in trouble! Simply apply Listerine to a cotton ball and apply it on your armpits.

Rub Listerine Place Where You Feel Itching

As strange as it may sound, dab a place where you caught a bug Listerine, you will immediately feel relief. Also recommended for itching from bites to poison ivy or poison oak.

Wet Hair Listerine

It is surprising that Listerine is convenient to get rid of dandruff. Although this has never become popular, many suggest that we should try. Add Listerine and massage your scalp, hair, wrap in a towel and wash your hair again after 20 minutes.

Listerine Is Great for Dog Hair

Many pet owners do not use a variety of sprays against fleas already on your pet’s hair coats Listerine. This alternative method is great because it does not use harsh chemicals. Many recommend mixing Listerine with shampoo for pets or mixing Listerine with water and used as a spray.

Clean Face

Many people use Listerine to clean the face, especially if you have acne. It is recommended to clean your face Listerine morning and evening.

Keep Your Toothbrush in Listerine

Just as Listerine fights bacteria in your mouth, so take care for your toothbrush. In a glass, pour Listerine and leave the brush in it for several hours, it should do the job.

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