New Studies Suggest Eating Chocolate for Breakfast to Lose Weight and Boost Your Brain

According to the scientists from Tel Aviv University in Israel, eating chocolate in the morning can help people function better.

There is a popular belief that you should avoid the consumption of chocolate when on a diet but in fact it’s chocolate that help you lose weight.

For this reason, the scientists from New York’s Syracuse University conducted a research which included 968 participants ranging from 23-98 years old.

The participants continued with the same dietary habits and consumed chocolate in the morning. It was found that the chocolate played an important role in their cognitive performance.

If consumed regularly, chocolate increases memory level and improves abstract and creative way of thinking.

Dr. Daniela Jakubowicz, the author of the bestseller The Big Breakfast Diet claims that when she wakes up, she needs immediate energy. The body converts the first meal into energy so breakfast is crucial for the providing the needed amount of energy.

During the day, the body uses the reserves of stored energy from the breakfast. This is why most of the people believed that less food will make you gain weight and that chocolate is one more ingredient that rises fat in the body.

So, you should not be worried about the consumption of chocolate because it can just shrink your waistline.

In order to get enough energy and raise the level of serotonin, consume chocolate every day not later than 9 o’clock. You will feel more energetic and will function better.

The experts claim that people who have an early breakfast rich in proteins and carbs, even with a dessert of 500 calories can lose more weight that those who consume less food for breakfast during the day.

Why does chocolate provide such a positive effect on the body?

Chocolate is rich in flavonoids that are found in plant-sourced foods and contain around 20 percent of raw cocoa beans. Other foods that abound in flavonoids are tea, red wine, berries, grapes and apples.

Include this delicious pleasure for your breakfast and you will do wonders for your weight, mood, brain and overall health.

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