Natural Hair Dye: Color Your Hair With Black Walnut Powder

Everyone knows how chemicals can damage the hair, and make it look dry and dull.

But what happens when you want to drastically change your appearance, and you don’t want to harm your hair? Surprisingly, that can be done. You can turn from blonde to brown with just walnut powder.

If you want to darken your hair, but you don’t want to use chemicals, this is the right article for you.

This easy and natural hair dye will color your hair, but you won’t have to worry about damaging it, since you will only be using black walnut powder.

Just be careful, this hair dye is very strong, so it can leave a stain on almost anything.

You will need just a bag of black walnut powder. You can find it online or in some organic stores. It is really cheap, so this whole process will cost you less than going to a hair salon.


Use stainless pot to boil the water in it, take it off the stove and add about five tablespoons of black walnut powder.

Let it cool for about 60 minutes.

When the mixture is cooled down, dip your hair in it (you can dip the ends first, to see how it’s going to turn out).

You need to let your hair absorb hair dye for 15-20 minutes and then let it dry. You don’t need to rinse it with water.


This method will darken your hair to medium brown color. It will look natural, and if you have lighter hair, walnut dye will work even better.

If you want darker shade, you just have to leave the mixture for a longer time. Simple as that!


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