Here’s How to Ripen a Rock Hard Avocado in 20 Minutes

It is an old annoyance, the rock-hard avocado.

They grow and come off the tree hard, almost like a nut, and soften over time. Sometimes it can take weeks to get the fruit into the delicious and edible soft state that we all know and love.

This quick tutorial, though, will show you how to turn any hard avocado into a soft and delicious piece of food.

Here’s the video, step-by-step plan

1. Wrap in foil

2. 10 minutes in the oven at 90 degrees celsius (about 200 degrees Fahrenheit).

3. 10 minutes in the refrigerator.

Three steps to bring you the amazing, ripened deliciousness.

Give it a try; now there’s no more weeks of waiting on that perfect avocado.



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