Experience of A Doctor: Alkaline Diet Allowed Me Life Without Disease!

The principle that the proposed is simple but strict. Many celebrities use alkaline diet and claim that it is the one responsible for their health and a youthful appearance.

The idea is that highly acidic foods cause disease and inflammation in progress and that it is necessary to modify the diet and only use alkaline food.

“To be healthy, beautiful, energetic and lose weight, you should know that the causes of disease and obesity acid and inflammation,” says nutritionist and chiropractor Dr. Daryl Gioffre, who has advised numerous Hollywood stars.

He claims that he managed to lose more than 20 pounds and get free of the addiction to sugar just thanks to this type of diet.

“I’m running Triathlon and Ultramarathon. I cannot remember the last time I was sick,” he says.

The principle that the proposed is simple but strict: you need to cut from your diet for a while dairy products, alcohol, meat, coffee, sugar, and gluten.

Instead, he suggests that a diet rich in green leafy vegetables and other “basic foodstuffs”. Should be avoided and a lot of fruit, because according to the principles of the alkaline diet sugar – sugar, no matter in what form it comes.

One of the misconceptions is that this kind of diet changes the pH of the blood. However, that is not possible because your body strictly regulates the pH value and nutrition can’t affect it.

On the other hand, if you eat too many acidic foods, says Dr. Gioffre, the body will maintain the same pH level at the expense of the health of bones and heart, as it will pull alkaline minerals from our own resources!

“People think that healthy living includes the elimination of all the foods you love. This is not correct. It should enjoy the process of, to appreciate health,” he says.

What to eat?

Eat it if you want this diet:

– Avocado
– Broccoli
– Brussels Sprouts
– Cabbage, Sauerkraut
– Buckwheat
– Carrots
– Cauliflower
– Celery
– Zucchini
– Oriental Mushrooms Shitake, Maitake,
– Mushrooms Like Oyster Mushrooms and Champignons
– Seaweeds Such as Nori, Kombu, Wakame
– Chives
– Figs
– Flaxseed Oil
– Cucumber
– Garlic
– Grapefruit
– Soybeans and Soy Products
– Banana
– Soybean Sprouts
– Alfalfa Sprouts
– Grapes
– Green Beans
– Between
– Kiwi
– Leeks
– Lemon and Lime
– Lettuce
– Mango
– Millet
– Olives and Olive Oil
– Onions
– Orange
– Papaya
– Parsley
– Pears
– Green Peas
– Pineapple
– Quinoa
– Radishes
– Spinach
– Strawberries
– Tomatoes
– Watermelon
– Wild Rice
– Pumpkin
– Sesame Seeds, Tahini – Sesame Seed Paste

Foods you should be cautious

  • The acidic reaction in the body most commonly caused by proteins, and it is considered that for every redundant 10 g protein we consume – we lose 100 mg of calcium by urinating. So do not go overboard with the protein intake.
  • Carbonated beverages, because they are extremely rich in phosphorus, a mineral that causes loss of calcium when taken in large quantities.
  • No more than three cups of coffee a day because coffee causes acidity in the body and even some statistics show that it is often Drinking coffee, more than three a day could increase the occurrence of osteoporosis for even 82 percent.
  • Refined foods such as white bread, cakes, and puff pastry cause acidity in the body and forcing calcium out of the bones to cancel an acid reaction in the body.
  • Caution with dark teas.
  • Minimize your intake of fatty foods.
  • Smoking and drinking coffee two “friendly” related habits that together create the acidity of the body.
Many celebrities use alkaline diet and claim that it is the one responsible for their health and a youthful appearance.

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