In Case of a Heart Attack You Have 10 Seconds Only to Save Your Life! Here’s What You Should Do

The cases of heart attack have become quite common nowadays, and the worst part is that they can’t be predicted.

Although it’s good to think and hope you will never experience one, you should still know few things that can potentially save yours or someone else’s life in case of an imminent heart attack.

In this post, you will learn exactly that– how to save your life if you ever face a heart attack.

Read the following advices and see the video below to increase your chances of surviving this unfortunate situation before the ambulance arrives.

What most people do when they suspects myocardial infarction is– panic! Then, in just a few seconds they fall unconscious. Although you have just couple of seconds to react, the right reaction can potentially save your life!

Remember to call an ambulance first! After you’ve called professional help you need to start coughing forcefully!

First, don’t forget to call the ambulance! Then, start coughing forcefully. Cough strong and deep like you have congestion in your chest, extending the exhale. This breathing technique can save your life, so make sure you understand and remember it.

Here’s how the technique works– you’re actually sending oxygen into your lungs by taking deep breaths, and by coughing, you put pressure on the heart which keeps the blood circulation flowing.

Pressing the heart in this way will normalize the sinus rhythm, giving you a chance to save yours or someone else’s life.

Check out the video below to see how to do this breathing technique properly:

Remember this if you ever find yourself in such situation, and try to keep yourself or someone else alive until the ambulance arrives.

Heart Attack

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