Can Cancer Be Prevented and Even Cured Through Diet? This Scientist Claims That It is Possible, Here’s How

He says that the CIA appeared at his door with questions. His colleagues warned him not to continue with its controversial findings.

One of his professional organization is considered to kick him out because of his studies, a national panel ignores him now.

Finally, T. Colin Campbell found himself alone at the crossroads and asked whether to continue with respected academic career or to publish their scientific discoveries that challenge the established principles of nutrition, to contradict the instructions of the government, and discredit the marketing claims of large food corporations.

Campbell says he chose the truth.

Professor of nutritional biochemistry at Cornell University, said that the research proved that consuming animal products, including meat, fish, and milk runs a chronic disease and damage to health, posing a greater risk than the heritage or the environment.

It is connected casein, a milk protein with breast cancer. His professional life was the focus of cancer and nutrition and Campbell says that the global and national fight against cancer picked the wrong enemy.

Although the learned and noble, Campbell is not restrained. He’s impatient and surly. He excludes all forms of diets such as Atkins, Paolo or high diet. It does not support the celebrated doctors who prescribe the child with wild salmon, expensive herbs, and supplements. He wants health for all, not just for those who cannot afford the expensive pharmaceutical products.

Colin Campbell denies doctors as a reliable source of nutritional advice for their patients. They did not have any nutritional training in medical school and didn’t conducted laboratory research.

Campbell, however, spent more than five decades exploring in the laboratory, which is mainly funded by the public. So now the public needs to know about his results.

He claims that the diet can prevent and cure cancer, as it can prevent heart disease. In his words, a diet rich in animal protein causes increased carcinogenic activity.

Campbell’s lab demonstrated that increased consumption of animal protein triggers cancer, while consumption decreased detoxify cancer. High-protein diet increases the replication of cells and oxygen free radicals associated with cancer and aging.

Campbell has written a book on nutrition (including “whole foods, only plants, no meat, fish or dairy products, oil and processed food”), and epidemiological studies with his son Thomas called Study China 2005 expecting a limited audience. Now she has sold over a million copies and been translated into 25 languages. Campbell’s sequel appeared in 2013 and became a bestseller.

After 50 years of nutritional biochemical research, Campbell casein viewed as one of the most relevant chemical carcinogens ever identified.

There were no large-scale clinical trials in humans to be examined the effectiveness of whole foods, plant-based diet for the prevention and treatment of cancer; However, smaller studies have shown that such a diet heals heart disease patients.

Colin’s son, Thomas Campbell, said that the role of diet in health is one of the most important issues of today, but that is something that nutrition is forgotten.

He said he became interested in nutrition and health in 2001 when he helped his father, about the book.

Today, as a doctor says his patients, even children are advised avoid animal products.

Today, Campbell circulates between homes in New York and North Carolina and holds numerous lectures.

He said that chemotherapy is not a good approach, as well as radiation and surgery, arguing that the public is wrong with tragic consequences.


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