Blood Vessels Can Be Cleaned: Famous Doctor Talks About Atherosclerosis and Ways to Prevent It

Atherosclerosis is not, as was thought, until recently, a process that progresses in one direction, deposition of fatty plaques on the walls of blood vessels. The latest findings indicate that it may slow down, even stop, with simple and readily available methods.

It is proven fact that a healthy lifestyle and Mediterranean diet, even in people who have a genetic history of atherosclerosis, abolish risk, and there is no sickness. Therefore, those who are vulnerable plaques occurs along the walls of blood vessels should avoid fatty foods, to treat high blood sugar and pressure, and increase physical activity and reduce obesity.

If you get atherosclerosis, you need to stabilize the plaques in blood vessels, because this is very important – says in an interview  Academician Miodrag Ostojic, Professor emeritus, internist – cardiologist and president and founder of “Foundation Serbia for your heart.” – Atherosclerosis may be dilapidated or firmly fixed, which, for example, can be achieved with statins. These drugs do not change much percentage narrowing or significantly influence the ‘fragility’ plaque.

How can we act preventively in the process of atherosclerosis?

With the help of music, laughter and humor. All these activities are associated with the central nervous system with the help of various mediators (chemical substances that are secreted in the blood), releasing nitric oxide, which positively affects the blood vessels and safely prevents stroke, heart attack, angina pectoris and arrhythmias.

Heart disease before 90 years will not occur because of God or of nature’s power, but because of our fault. The vessels would normally need to secrete nitric oxide; a process of atherosclerosis begins when it is not in sufficient quantity.

It is believed that the metabolism of pumping pressure, vascular tone and secretion of nitric oxide production, depends exactly on the central nervous system.

What more can we do to help blood vessels?

As in caries prevention benefits of fluoride in water, against a goiter iodine, atherosclerosis is created and submitted poly pil. It is a tablet in which is substantial statin, small doses of the antihypertensive agent (ACE inhibitor, a diuretic, a beta-blocker), aspirin and folic acid.

It is believed that this tablet reduced the risk of stroke and heart attack by more than 80 percent, and it should be taken after every 55 years. But it is difficult to put all the ingredients into one pill. After that, the British medical journal published the work that is a better option poly meal or a meal of several ingredients. It is tastier and cheaper.

What is poly meal?

Every day,

  • 150 ml of red wine,
  • 30 g of dark chocolate,
  • 400 g of fruit and vegetables,
  • 2.7 g of garlic,
  • 68 g almonds and
  • 118 g fish three to four times a week.

It has been shown that in this way can be up to 75 percent to reduce the morbidity of the cardiovascular disease.

It is said that if you pop, you should preach, and if you’re a doctor, you need to behave as other advice. In my case, I encourage those I care about to live a healthy life. It is given in formula European Society of Cardiology guaranteeing every person born in the 20th century will not be diagnosed with atherosclerosis before age 65.

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  • June 27, 2017 at 2:59 pm

    Had a stroke and Drs dont even call you back its sickening shoud you know of a dcwent dr in Suffolk County N,Y. who knows about stroke and atherosclerosis please E -mail me Just too recent mra and makes no sense to me what so ever following up a VAD AND radiologist mentions nothng about it SORRY I just dont know where or how to get adequate professional health care. I DO HAVE atherosclerosis JST DONT KNOW WHERE TO GET PROPER MEDICAL HELP.HAD MY STROKE MARCH 12,2017 VAD


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