Amazing Herb That Will Help You with Several Health Problems

Aromatic and medicinal, sage (Salvia officinalis) is one of the oldest medicinal plants.

Medicinal properties have only leaves, and they are rich in carbohydrates, cellulose, tannins, and proteins. In addition to these organic compounds, it contains a lot of iron and calcium and it is rich in vitamin A.

However, the main curative ingredient of this plant is its essential oil.

Sage is an essential ingredient of many drugs that are used for rinsing the mouth and throat infections, because of the fact tannins strengthen the mucous membranes, while essential oil is antiseptic.

In addition, sage, also known as a fighter against elevated temperature and fever, it destroys infectious germs, and is a good antioxidant, it prevents spasms in the digestive tract, stimulates the secretion of urine, mildly purifies the intestines, works to collect surface tissues, relieves and prevents inflammation…

In folk medicine, sage is also used to strengthen the nerves and helps against all kinds of colds and flu. It is also used for cleaning the blood against all inflammations of the throat and inflammation of internal organs, to the bladder and vaginal infections.

Relieves discomfort sufferers from rheumatism and has a broad spectrum of antibiotic effects. Herbalists claim that is effective for cleansing the liver, kidneys against disease and night sweats, and is usually recommended for maintaining the health of the gums and teeth.

English herbalists used it to stimulate concentration and memory and a considered and that contributes to longevity.

However, despite all the healing properties, sage is not recommended for pregnant women and epileptics, and long-term use without the supervision of a doctor or pharmacist can cause an increased tendency to seizures, that is sudden attacks of intense uncontrolled muscle spasms, often accompanied by loss of consciousness.

Today, in addition to treatment, many people use sage in the food, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries, and especially in cooking to prepare spicy meat dishes.


• 3 tablespoons sage
• 1/2 l water

Cover boiling water with sage leaves and immediately put a lid overnight. In the morning, strain the liquid and rinse the mouth and gums.

For better digestion

• 40 g of sage

• 40 g of leaves marshmallow

• 10 g of chamomile

• 10 g lemon balm

In a half a liter of cold water, pour three tablespoons of the mixture. After three hours, the mixture should be heated, put the lid on when the water is boiled and cook on low heat cook for five minutes.

Remove from heat and drink a glass of lukewarm tea drink three or four times a day, half an hour before meals.

Against urinary tract infections

• 50 g of sage

• 50 g of birch leaves

• 50 g of leaves bearish grapes

• 50 g flower marshmallow

• 50 g of horsetail

In a half a liter of boiling water pour three tablespoons of the mixture, cover and immediately leave for the night. In the morning strain and drink tea during the day, sip by sip instead of water.


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