5 Tips to Start Working Towards Your Weight Loss Goals and What to Eat

Losing weight is not an easy task, but that does not mean that people should not even try.

The right methods will definitely bring the best results. Before you try losing weight one of the most important things is to be motivated.

Sometimes, many articles for weight loss can attract your attention. They often provide different methods of losing weight from pills and powders to Raspberry Ketones and Green Coffee Bean Extract. In fact, it is really hard to believe that these methods can really help you.

So, if there are of no help, then what is the perfect solution?

The secret resides within yourself and you can start right now by following these tips. They will definitely help you lose weight in an effective way.

5 Tips for Better Health and Weight Loss

1. Keep a Food Journal

When losing weight, the number of calories are not only important but the type of food you are eating. You need the right food to fuel your body and then to make changes. Make sure you use a food journal in order to write down how hungry are you before you eat and how full are you after that. Also, you can write down how you feel after eating and some other patterns that will help you find your food routine.

2. Eat More Carbs from Vegetables and Fruits

Replace the processed carbs with more vegetables and fruits. Whole foods abound in nutritive properties rather than the processed foods. One rule of thumb is the darker the food in color, the more nutrients it has. For example, kale contains more nutrients than iceberg lettuce, red meat contains more of it than chicken breast. When losing weight, try to include more nutrient dense food.

3. Eat More Protein from Whole Food Sources

When you try to lose some weight, it is important to eat rather than drink your food. This because of the chewing, a process that improves the digestion and you can easily know when you are satisfied. Make sure you consume more proteins from different sources such as: beef, chicken, pork and turkey than processed powders and bars. So, chewing is an important part of a healthy weight loss.

4. Don’t Avoid High Quality, Healthy Fats

High quality fats are important nutrients that must take part in every healthy weight loss. In fact, they help you absorb the nutrition from food and feel full. So, enrich your diet with more avocado and olive oil, butter and other fat cuts of meat.

5. Drink More Water and Less Alcohol

When losing weight, it is of crucial importance to stay hydrated, so drink plenty of water. If your pee is clear, include more lemon juice, honey and sea salt because you need a balanced level of electrolytes. Make sure you avoid drinking water during the meals because in that way you can interfere with the digestive juices. So, make sure you drink water around the meals.

Alcohol should be considered a food and not a drink because it can affect the way how your body processes the food.

Extra Tip

Listen to Your Body

Your body points out certain things, so make sure you listen to it. In this way, you will be aware if something works for you or not.

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