5 Natural Remedies to Beat the Flu

During winter season, flu is one of the most common conditions that affects many people.

It is a result of influenza virus which can affect the upper respiratory tract. Such viruses are easily spread through the air and from person by person.

People with lower immune system and nutrient deficiencies are more subjected to flu or cold. Also, lack of sleep, stress and exposure to toxins can intensify the symptoms of flu.

However, there are some natural remedies that can improve the recovery and reduce the symptoms of flu.

Top Remedies for Flu Recovery

Light and easy food for digestion— Enrich your diet with soups with bone broth, herbal teas, cooked vegetables that will improve your digestion. Make sure you do not force yourself to eat.

Water— Hydration is very important for flushing out the viruses and bacteria from your body. You must drink at least 8 glasses of water every day.

Hot water with lemon, cinnamon and honey— Cinnamon and honey prevent buildup of mucus and keep your body hydrated.

Ginger— Combine honey with ginger tea.

Garlic and onions— This powerful vegetables can help you overcome flu and improve your immune system.

Foods to Avoid

Sugar— It reduces the number of white blood cells that help the body to fight infection.

Fruit juices— Vitamin C is very important when the body experiences the state of flu. It can’t only be found in lemons and oranges but in many vegetables and fruits.

Conventional Dairy— Avoid processed dairy products and pasteurized milk because they stimulate the production of mucus.

Caffeine— You should avoid caffeine because drains the body of electrolytes.

Processed foods— This type of food contains GMO properties that lack nutrients and can just prolong flu symptoms.

Top 5 Flu Natural Remedies

1. Vitamin C.

Vitamin C is important because it improves the immune system and white blood cells. Take 1,000 mg 3-4x every day.

2. Echinacea.

Echinacea is a potent herb that helps the body to kill infections and prevent the onset of an illness. Take 1,000 2-3x of Echinacea every day.

3. Elderberry.

This herb can de-activate the flu virus and strengthen the immune system in a natural way. Take 10 ml of elderberry every day.

4. Oregano Oil.

Oregano oil abounds in many potent antiviral properties. Take 500 mg 2x every day.

5. Zinc.

It boosts the immune system and provides an antiviral protection of the body. It provides the best effects when taken at the onset of the illness. Take 50-100 mg of zinc every day.

Essential Oils for Flu.

You can rub frankincense and peppermint essential oil to your neck and bottom of the feet. This will provide an additional support of the immune system. Clove oil will also prevent infections and improve the recovery.


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